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Omish Ghetto Omish Ghetto

Rated 1 / 5 stars

OKay.. MetaphoreTime

That was Hilarious..
If you were a giant turd, whizzing away towards the giant Newgrounds fan... You would hit the fan... and spray crap all over Newgrounds. Then one day, years later.. People would be like "hey, Remember when that giant Piece of shit smashed into the Newgrounds fan?" and then other people would be like "Oh man.. I remember that.." and then they would stop for a second. Somewhere in that story would always be the dumb kid who would ask questions like.. "Why do we have a giant fan?" and then the vet who was like "I fought the giant turd war!" and then people would be like "and thats how Jimmy saved Halloween" Later that day Jimmy would be nailed to a cross and burned.
And that is why you and your fat little girlish friends should get lives off the internet. Do drugs (if thats your scene) read Siddartha and get a Job.. or whatever. What was that metaphore again?

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F Zero X Thing F Zero X Thing

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Well, it did suck.. but man I laughed my ass off listining to that...